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Competition and 10% Discount Opportunity

Chance to Win a Free Water Filter and 10% Discount opportunity!




Would you like to get 10off Labour for your next plumbing or gas-fitting job that you book with us?

Even better, WIN a free fully-installed Water Filter System.

Summer is coming — wouldn’t you love your family to be drinking pure healthy water from your own kitchen tap? For a chance to win a HiFlow In-Line Mains Water Filter plus 10% off the Labour on your next job with us, read on!

This competition is open to all bona fide All Perth Plumbing & Gas customers. If you are a new customer, and you review us within the promotion period, you will be eligible to enter the competition and/or receive the 10% discount on labour only on your next job with us.

Entry is so simple, all you need to do to receive the 10% Discount (on Labour only) on your next job with us, is to write a positive online review on one of the 4 sites that we have nominated. If you would like the 10% Discount PLUS a chance to win the FREE WATER FILTER, then write a review on all 4 sites. We will even send you the links to the sites, and you can Copy and Paste your review from one site to the next — how easy is that!

New Customers — just provide your email address to us when you book your first job and tell us you want to enter!

Returning Customers — we have emailed regarding this promotion to all our clients who have supplied an email address to us in the past 2 years. If you have not received this email, firstly, we apologise, and secondly, if you would like to be part of this great promotion, please simply contact us with your email address and let us know that you would like to take part.

Competition closes 1 November 2015 at 5 pm and is only open to clients of All Perth Plumbing and Gas. Prize of one fully installed HiFlow In-Line Mains Water filter will be drawn at Midday on 2 November 2015. Winners will be notified. Please see Conditions of Entry.

If you would like to check out how great it would be to have one of these filters in your home this summer, go to

Thanks, and Happy Reviewing!

Best of luck in our Draw.


Conditions of Entry:

Please Note that every client of All Perth Plumbing and Gas is eligible for ONE only entry into the prize drawer to win the Water Filter &/or Discount, so please only one Review per site. One word reviews will NOT be eligible for either discount or entry into the prize drawer. 10% Discount is on Labour only and is only available for one job and is not cumulative (eg if you Review on two sites, you are not eligible for a 20% Discount, nor a 10% Discount on 2 jobs). New Customers are eligible to enter the promotion, however, the 10% Discount applies on the second job that they book with us, once they have fulfilled other Competition Terms. Clients who review on all 4 sites are entered into the Prize Drawer for the Water Filter AND receive the Discount on one job. Please take the time to write an honest, positive review. We are happy to reward you after all! Only bona fide clients of All Perth Plumbing and Gas are eligible to enter. If you already receive a Discount with us because you are a Concession Card Holder (on owner-occupied premises only), we will be happy to give you an extra 10% off Labour on one job only. This promotion is being run by us to encourage our already happy clients to tell us how happy they are with us online. It is to help boost our online presence. Please enter it in the spirit that it is intended. As it is only open to our clients, your chances of winning are good!

Updated: September 29, 2015 — 4:18 pm
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